LinAire Test Panels


4 Digit Digital Metering
Digital & Toggle A Mode Encode
On-Stand By
14-28 Volt Selector
Reply Indicator
AC Fuse
Indent Selector
A Mode Enable
C Mode Enable
A Test
Multiple Ranges
Toggle C Mode Encode
Stand by-Off
Pilot Indicator
Reply Control
DC Fuse
Lo Sense Selector
B Mode Enable
D Mode Enable
C test

LX-4 has toggle switch A Mode and C Mode Encoding


  • A 4 Digit Digital meter is provided to monitor AC and DC voltage and current to the unit under test.

  • Operates AC and DC units. Input fusing of voltages is provided. An ON-STBY and STBY-OFF switch control the unit in on-off and stand by operation.

  • A Mode encoding is accomplished with the digital A Mode thumbwheel control or the pulse identified toggle switches. C Mode encoding is effected by a toggle switch selector for each C Mode pulse. Four mode controls are incorporated, one for each mode. Test control is provided for A and C Mode.

  • Controls are provided to select LO SENSE, IDENT, 14 OR 28 VOLT operation, REPLY INDICATOR, and REPLY SENSE.

  • The LX-4 is an expressive epoxy LinAire tan with dark brown lettering with knobs of brown and gold. The finish is extremely durable and the decorator colors blend well with today's multi-colored test equipment. The LX-4 is 5.25" high, 19" wide, and 5.25" deep and has a cabinet back that is suitable for rack mounting or stand alone.

LX-4 cables

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