LinAire Test Panels


3 1/2 Digit Panel Meter
Panel Power On/Off
Panel Power Fuse
Nav Power Adjustment
+/- 15VDC Unit Power On/Off
Unreg Variable/Normal Selector
Nav Flag +CMR Selector
Deviation/Resistance Test Selector
Resistance Cal Adjustment
GS Flag Inval/Valid Adjustment
GS Deviation DN/UP Adjustment
GS Dev/Dev To-From Selector
CCW/CW Selector
Heading Invalid/Valid
Panel Supply Voltages - 8 Tip Jacks
J102 Test Points - 26 Tip Jacks
Panel Meter Selector
Panel Power Indicator
Nav Power Selector
+5VDC Unit Power On/Off
Unreg 15V Adjustment
Nav Flag Inval/Valid Adjustment
Meter Current Adjustment
Dev-Bar / To-From Test Selector
Test Point A Tip Jack
GS Glag +/- CMR Selector
GS Deviation +/- CMR Selector
Stepper Speed Dec/Inc Adjustment
Stepper On/Off
Lighting Dec/Inc Adjustment
J101 Test Points - 24 Tip Jacks
P1 Main Connector


The panel has a 3 1/2 digit meter to monitor the following circuits: To-From, Nav 14VDC, Nav 28VDC, +15 Unreg, -15VDC, +15VDC, TP-A, Nav Flag, Nav Dev, GS Flag, GS Dev.

The panel operates from 115VAC 400Hz power and produces all the DC voltages required to power the KI-525/A. The panel provides tip jacks to access the supply voltages.

The panel controls are labeled the same as the King KTS-153 Test Set. The test and alignment procedure in the King KI-525/A maintenance manual can be performed word-for-word with the LTS-525/A Test Set.

The panel is an impressive expoxy LinAire tan with dark brown lettering, with knobs of brown and gold. The finish is extremely durable and the decorator colors blend well with today's multi-colored test equipment. The panel is 7" high, 19" wide and 5.25" deep with a cabinet back that is suitable for rack mounting or stand-alone.

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