LinAire Test Panels

The LT-6 Panel aids in the bench testing of VHF Communication and Communication/Navigation equipment. It's a vast improvement over the old LT-5 Panel. The LT-6 Panel has added the ability to use serial control heads, navigation indicators, a speaker on the panel for speaker or phone channels, mike testing, use of the LA cable series harnesses, digital panel meter, and 56 test point jacks. It's almost like owning an LT-5, LA-6, headset tester and more!

The serial control heads of the unit under test can be connected by optional control head cables to the DC-37 Control Buss connection (P4) on the panel face. This connection is documented in detail later in this manual and with this information the customer can custom make cabling to connect their buss simulators to the panel in place of the serial control head. This added feature provides the ability to check those serial controlled 8.33MHz units.

The LT-6 Panel provides for the connection of navigation indicators for use with those Comm/Nav units with navigation outputs. The cables for the Navigation indicators are the same as those used by the LV-6 test panel, there by reducing the number of cables needed in a shop’s inventory. Also, the LT-6 panel can provide the loads and metering of the navigation outputs with or without an indicator connected. This is why the new LT-6 harness series replaces many of the old LA series harnesses where multiple connectors are used for indicators and do not provide for metering or test point jacks.

With the addition of a panel speaker on the LT-6 Panel, the panel allows monitoring of either the speaker channel output or phones/intercom/aux audio outputs. These outputs RMS voltages are metered by the panel mounted digital meter.

Pilot Headset testing is provided on the LT-6 Panel for checking mike and headphone operation. This popular feature was carried over and improved from the LA-6 Panel. Provides a fast GO/NO-GO check of the pilot’s headset.

There are many of the old LA harness series cable out there, so a LA cable connector is include on the LT-6, so customers can continue to use them. However, it is suggested that you check out the new version of the LT-6 harness for the unit you are testing because many have much improved testing abilities.

A digital panel meter with meter switch allow for monitoring the following: DC Volt, Tx/Rx Amp, IND Amp, Speaker output, Comm phone output, Aux Audio output, Nav Flag, Nav Dev, GS Flag, GS Dev and TO-FROM Flag. Also included to aid metering are Deviation and Flag load switches providing from 0 to 5 1000-ohm loads.

The LT-6 panel has 56 test point Jacks to monitor varies signals.

The LT-6 has a cabinet back and can be rack mounted or used as stand-alone. The panel is 7 inches high, 19 inches wide and 5.25 inches deep. The standard color is Precision Tan with Brown knobs and Brown lettering.

The LT-6 does not come with a control head. If one is needed it must be ordered separately.

LT-6 cables

Control Head Freq Range and Channeling Codes

LTC 6 118.00 to 135.975 25khz 2 of 5 & BCD

Panel Freq Coverage and Freq Selection Codes

LT 6 Plug in LTC See LTC Control Heads

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