LinAire Test Panels

The LinAire LRA-2 Test and Test Interface Panel provides for the complete bench testing of all Radar Altimeters and Indicators. RTunits and Indicators may be tested as a system or individually. LinAire test harnesses are supplied with cables for each indicator in those systems having multiple different indicators.

The unit provides those functions and controls usual to the aircraft installation as well as a means to check those multiple different configurations that are variable dependent upon different installations. Radar Altimeter manufacturer's recommeded tests and test points are accommodated with extra test jacks and testing functions to allow additional desirable testing and circuit access.

The LRA-2 finish is latest state-of-the-art epoxy composition. The eye-pleasing LinAire colors of tan and dark brown are used, adding professionalism while minimizing user fatigue. Other color schemes are available as special order at extra cost.

The LRA-2 is a completely self-contained, cabinet enclosed-unit. Dimensions are 3.5" high, 19" wide and 5.25" deep; the unit can be used as stand-alone as easily as rack-mounted.

Controls, Input/Output Connections

  • 5 Decision Height Lamps
  • Decision Height Lamp Control
  • 5 Volt, 14 Volt, 28 Volt Panel Lamp Suppy Indicator and Control
  • Aircraft Installation Delay Select
  • Self-Test Activate, Dual Position Multiple Test Function Control
  • Power On-Off, Panel Active Indicator
  • DC Fuse
  • DC Voltage and Current Monitor Jacks
  • AC Fuse
  • AC Voltage and Current Monitor Jacks
  • Thirty Breakout Test Jacks
  • RT Interconnect Connector
  • Indicator Interconnect Connector
  • Terminal Strip for Input Voltage Connection

LRA-2 cables

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