LinAire Test Panels
LR-1 Area Nav Control Test Panel

The LinAire LR1 Area Navigation Control Panel is extremely versatile, requiring only an external VOR signal and OBS to service RNAV systems. Simulation of DME signals can be internally generated, externally simulated, or a DME unit can be used.

Panel functions and controls:

    • Deviation Meter 100-0-100 microamperes
    • Flag Meter 0 - 500 microamperes

    • Deviation Loads 1 to 3 1K-ohms
    • Flag Loads 1 to 3 1K-ohms

    • DME Simulator source selector
    • VOR/LOC switch
    • Channel Change switch
    • Distance Adjust Pots for internal DME
    • 14/28 Volts select switch
    • Power On switch

    • APPR Annunciate
    • RNAV Annunciate
    • DME Super Flag
    • Panel Power

  • DC POWER INPUT - A rear panel terminal strip provides for connection an external DC power supply. DC power on the panel is fused and controlled by an ON/OFF power switch.

  • PANEL HARNESS CONNECTORS - The panel has a 32 pin connector for the RNAV harnesses and a 32 pin connector for OBS harnesses (LVA).

  • PANEL SIZE & FINISH - The LR-1 is a cabinet enclosed unit measuring 8 3/4 inches high, 19 inches wide and 5 1/4 inches deep. It can be used stand alone or rack mounted. The panel finish is an epoxy based LinAire Tan with dark brown lettering and brown knobs with gold trim.

LR-1 cables


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