LinAire Test Panels

The LM-4 monitors input voltage and current and provides external marker lamps and control switching.

The LM4 Marker Beacon control panel provides the ultimate in ease in testing all popular remote mounted marker beacon receivers. The panel is a low profile (7 inches high) version of the old LM-3 panel. The LM-4 has a matched speaker added to the marker audio output. The panel is backwards compatible for use with LM - 3 Test Harnesses.


4" Volt Meter
Airway Indicator
Middle Indicator
Outer Indicator
Light Voltage Jacks
On-Off Selector
DC Fuse
14-28 Volt Selector
HI-LO Selector
Audio Control
4" Amp Meter
Airway Test
Middle Test
Outer Test
AGC Jack
Power Indicator
AC Fuse
Test-Receive Selector
Internal Audio Speaker
Audio Jack


A 4" 0-30 Volt meter and a 4" 0-10 Amp meter are provided to monitor voltage and current to the unit under test.

Operates 14/28V DC and 115V AC units. Voltage input fusing and control facilities are provided. Voltage power control is accomplished by the ON-OFF power selector that applies power to unit under test and lights the pilot indicator lamp.

Airway, Middle, and Outer marker lights with press-to-test and voltage jacks are provided to check marker operation. The HI-LO selects marker sensitivity. An audio control, internal speaker, and an audio jack are provided for audio operation.

A Test-Receive switch and an AGC Jack are incorporated for use with units designed to use these facilities.

Decorator colors and improved layout enhance shop appearance and convey professionalism so helpful in today's avionics labs. Colors are selected to be soothing to the eye thereby reducing fatigue when working with the panel.

Finish is extremely durable and cleans very easily to a like-new appearance. Panel color is Precision Tan with Dark Brown lettering. Borwn and Gold knobs are used. The 19" x 7" panel is suitable for rack mounting or stand-alone use with the new Cabinet type back installed.

LM-4 cables

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