LinAire Test Panels

The Inverter Test Panel is a resistor load bank with input and output metering.

Input voltage (0-30 DC) and input current (0-100 Amp) are metered on the panel. The DC input power is protected by a 50 Amp circuit breaker. The power is connected to the inverter through a 3 pin connector and controlled by the panel ON/OFF switch which operates a high current relay.

The load bank is fan-cooled. Both the fan and relay operate at either 115V AC (LI-3) or 230V AC (LI-2) 50-60 Hz.

The inverter's output voltage and current for both 26VAC and 115VAC 440Hz are metered on the panel. There are 5 loads (175VA each) selectable for the 115V AC and 1 load (70VA) for the 26V AC inverter outputs. The outputs are circuit breaker protected.

Tip Jacks allow for scope connection to view the waveform.

LI-2 / LI-3 cables

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