LinAire Test Panels

Designed for versatility, durability and ease of operation the LH-4 is at home in the Pilot Shop or Repair Lab, on the Flight Line or Production Line. Ideal for Flight Schools, Flight Operations, Headset Sales Facilities, Calibration Labs, Avionics Shops and any Aircraft Service or Repair Facility.

The LH-4 provides a complete range of tests for Headphones, Microphones (Carbon, Electret or Equivalent, Dynamic), Headsets and their associated switches, cords and plugs, from go no-go to complete performance certification. Testing can be performed using voice and/or the internal tone generator when testing any unit or combination of units. Evaluation of the unit under test (UUT) can then be made using the LH4 Speaker, Meter and other panel indicators.

A comprehensive manual is provided with the LH-4 detailing eight different tests for checking Headphones, Microphones, Headsets and cords. Step by step instructions for performing each test make use of the test set simple for even the most non-technical person. These tests can also be used by technical personnel to determine the nature, necessity, or the results of any repairs to the UUT. Included in the manual is an example Certificate of Performance that can be copied and used when performance documentation is necessary. Additionally, information about the LH-4 (Schematic, Part List, Internal Diagrams, Control Functions and more) is an integral part of the manual.

The LH-4 requires an AC 100 to 250 volt 50/400 Hz power source. Other than the AC power source this unit is completely self contained and may be used as a stand-alone unit or rack-mounted.

SIZE & FINISH – The LH-4 panel is a cabinet enclosed unit measuring 3.5 inches high, 19 inches wide and 6 inches deep (rack-mounted) and overall 7.5 inches deep.. The panel finish is an epoxy based LinAire Tan with dark brown lettering and knobs of brown with gold trim.

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