LinAire Test Panels


3 1/2 Digit Panel Meter
Panel Power On/Off Switch
Panel Power Fuse DC
14VDC / 28VDC Selector Switch
MHz Frequency Control Switch
Deviation Load Selector Switch
DPA-32 Pin Connector (Compatible with old LG-5 & LG-4 Harnesses)
Panel Meter Selector Switch
Panel Power Indicator
Panel Power Fuse AC
2 of 5 / 11 Wire Code Switch
KHz Frequency Control Switch
Flag Load Selector Switch


The panel has a 3 1/2 digit meter to monitor the following: DC voltage, DC current, FLAG voltage and DEVIATION voltage (UP and DOWN). The panel provides 2 of 5 and 11 wire codes for remote tune units. The FLAG and DEVIATION load selector switches from 1 to 5 one thousand ohm loads across the circuits. Tip jacks are provided for access to the flag and deviation lines. A frequency pairing chart is printed on the panel face for easy reference.

The panel is an expressive expoxy LinAire tan with dark brown lettering, with knobs of brown and gold. The finish is extremely durable and the decorator colors blend well with today's multi-colored test equipment. The panel is 5 1/4" high, 19" wide and 5 3/4" deep with a cabinet back that is suitable for rack mounting or stand-alone.

LG-6 cables

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