LinAire Test Panels

The LinAire LA-6 Light Com/NAV Test Panel is engineered to handle the popular lightweight panel mounted avionics systems that are on the market today and adaptable to future models. The unit is a low profile (7 inches high) improved version of our dependable old LA-5 that has served the aviation community since 1966.

A Headphone amplifier has been added to eliminate the need for headphones when checking headphone or sidetone audio. This is a selectable function, either amplified to the panel speaker or normal phones operation selected by toggle switch. The panel has a improved microphone test circuit for checking pilot microphones. The voltage and current is monitored by 4 inch analog meters.

The panel comes enclosed in its own cabinet back and allows for standard rack mounting or stand alone use.

Panel functions and controls

  • Metering: Current Meter 0 - 15 Amps DC
  • Voltage Meter: 0 - 30 Volts DC
  • The Panel Speaker: 5 watt 8 ohm or a 4 ohm internal load is selectable by toggle switch. Also provided for is an external speaker or watt meter connection, an external speaker output jack.
  • Microphone: A Microphone jack is provided for mike audio input and can be switched to a MIKE TEST circuit to test the microphone. Also provided is a microphone key switch for keying the transmitter without a mike.
  • Headphone: A headphone channel amplifier can be selected by toggle switch for headphone audio at the panel's speaker. A PHONE jack is provided for connection of a external headphone or watt meter.
  • Switched Power Output: Two banana jacks are provided for a switched and metered power output from the panel face.
  • DC Power Input: A rear panel terminal strip provides for connecting an external DC power supply. DC power on the panel is fused and controlled by an ON/OFF power switch and is monitored by the panel meters. The panel has a power indicator lamp.
  • Panel Harness Connector: The panel connector is a durable and inexpensive 8 pin female connector.
  • Panel Size & Finish: The LA-6 is a cabinet enclosed unit measuring 7 inches high, 19 inches wide and 5.25 inches deep. It can be used stand alone or rack mounted. The panel finish is an epoxy based LinAire Tan with Dark Brown lettering.

LA-6 cables

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