LinAire Test Panels

The new L-260 Audio Test Panel replaces the old L-240 panel with a greatly improved layout and easier testing procedures. The old L-240 started life as a tester for the KAA-445 audio controller and was added to or modified over the last 20 years in an effort to keep it current. However, with the newer audio controllers it was due for a complete redesign to make both the cable design and testing procedures easier. This new design will save large amounts of time testing the newer as well as the older audio controllers. We all know time is money and replacing your old L-240 panel/harnesses with the new L-260 will pay for itself in a short time.

The goal of the new design is to make testing of all audio controllers as similar as possible. For example, to check the pilot mike lines function entails the following:

  1. Connect a mke to the L-260 or supply mike audio from a generator.
  2. Select PILOT on the L-260 mike audio input switch.
  3. Select PILOT on the L-260 mike key input switch.
  4. Select SPEAKER on the L-260 and turn VOLUME full clockwise.
  5. Select a COM channel on the audio controller being tested.
  6. Select the same COM channel on the L-260 mike line output switch.
  7. Key mike or use key switch on L-260
  8. Speak into mike and you will hear yourself in the L-260 speaker.
  9. Observe L-260 KEY lamp on.
  10. Repeat steps 5-8 for each COM channel.
  11. Repeat steps 1-9 for COPILOT.

When using an audio generator the mike input and output audio level can be monitored by the panel meter on the L-260.

The L-260 manual has a list of tests for the general testing of the audio controllers. The customer can use their audio generator to supply audio and monitor the input and output voltages with the L-260 panel meter.

Each of the new L-260 test cables comes with note sheets to aid in testing the units the cable is designed to test.

The L-260 panel is 7" high, 19" wide, and 5.5" deep. The knobs are brown with gold and the lettering is brown on LinAire precision tan.

L-260 cables

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