LinAire Test Panels

The answer to C-Mode Encoder and C-Mode Transponder troubleshooting, BOTH in the aircraft and on the bench.

No more time-consuming diagnostics using Prints, Continuity Meters, DVMs and wasted manhours. Just plug in the JT-2 and localize the problem – right away – right in the aircraft. When used with a Transponder Ramp Tester, checks Transponder C-Mode Operation, the Installation and, by substitution, the condition of the C-Mode Encoder.

This unit make Encoder, Installation, and Transponder checks so simple and fast that it pays for itself with one use. Every technician will want their own JT-2 once they discover its remarkable utility.

This handy little unit is only 5.5" wide, 2.625" deep and 1.625" high. It fits anywhere and takes up less room than an encoder.

Unit Features

  • Tip Jacks to check the status of all C-Mode data line levels and Power to the Encoder

  • Push buttons to pull data lines low and encode the Transponder, thus check Transponder and Installation

  • Encoder Power Lamp to indicate power to the Encoder

  • Heater Press to to test or check the presence of Heater Ground

  • Equipped with 25 and 15 pin connectors

  • The JT2 plugs in directly in place of the following encoders: ACK, Ameri-King, Bendix/King, Green, II Morrow, Narco, Trans-Cal, United Industries, Terra...and with adapters: Aero Mec, Aero Sonic, Bendix, Koilsman, MAC, Smith Industries

  • Adapter for LinAire LA-5 and LX-9100 series Transponder Test Cables

  • Extender cables available for those places where a little more room is needed

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